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Frequently Asked Questions


  • ​Should I buy a Tree Saw or a Tree Shear?


It depends on the application and what your cutting. Tree saws and tree shears both have a place in pasture reclamation. The Hydra Saw can reach more places and rotates for limb cutting. However, the Hydra Clip tree shear is a simple robust design with very little maintenance. The Hydra Clip tree shear can cut trees up to 16" in 4-6 seconds. The Hydra Saw can cut trees up to 30" without re-positioning the loader. Other brands of tree saws are a high maintenance item with respect to the teeth. The Hydra Saw uses a very robust tooth design that outlasts anything found on the market today.



  • Can I cut a larger tree than the rated capacity of cut?


All M&M tree shears and saws are designed to cut larger than capacity. The shear blades are designed with extended tips allowing for much larger than capacity cuts. The tree saw can be re-positioned for a cut much larger than making a single pass. Customers have said they have cut trees in excess of 5 feet.



  • What are the differences in a single blade and double blade tree shear?


Single blade tree shears leave a considerable stump on every tree that is cut. Single blade tree shears use a blade and anvil system. The blade must pass between the anvil to cut the tree. This causes the blade to be off of the ground between 2-3 inches on every cut leaving an undesired stump. Double bladed tree shears are better about cutting closer to the ground however, only the M&M line of tree shears utilize ground level cutting technology. This design allows the shear to cut at ground level on the outside of the tree and below ground level in the center of the tree. 


  • I've decided on a shear, should I buy a 8", 12" or 16" tree shear?


Choosing the right tree shear is critical for 2 reasons. Number one, the size of loader you have and number two, the size of trees you plan to cut. For example, choosing the 16" shear when you only have a 1500 lb operating capacity loader can be very dangerous. Make sure you pick the correct size shear for the loader you have or plan to buy. Call our experts to help with sizing your loader to the correct shear. We have over 30 years combined experience in the tree cutting industry and can help you make the right choice.

  • Is it true that a tree saw cuts closer to the ground than a tree shear?


No. All of the tree shears and saws built by Weber Manufacturing will cut at or below ground level. Other brands of tree saws can cut at ground level but will begin to stall out if the blade dives into the dirt. 


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