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  • 16" one cut capacity, larger with multiple cuts

  • Perfectly flush ground level cuts

  • Built-in 10 gallon chemical spray tank

  • Optional Spray System and Tree Grapple

  • Cylinders angled to push directly at the tree providing the most cutting power of any shear

  • Hidden grease fittings and hydraulic hoses greatly reduces down time

  • Tree grapple controls the fall of the tree

  • Bunch multiple trees at once

  • Intergrated pressure reducing valve- keeps small trees from breaking

  • Intergrated shut off valve- turns off grapple when not needed

  • Optional spray system

  • Plug and Play electrical adapters available

  • Built in 10 gallon chemical tank

  • Diesel fuel compatible pump

  • Protected spray nozzle

  • Works great around fences, highlines and waterways

  • Extremely high production rate from less movement of trees

  • Plug and Play adapters available for nearly every brand of skid steer available

  • Integrated wiring harness factory installed

  • Wiring only required to disable grapple, no power required to make grapple operate

  • Recommended 2500 lb operating capacity on loader

  • Minimum 2500 PSI, Recommended 3000 PSI

  • Open design allows full site through grapple

  • The fastest cycle time of any shear

  • Open to close in 4-5 seconds

  • Grade 8 Plow Bolts keeps blades flush to ground

  • Commercial and Rental Rated

  • Does NOT require Hi-flow

  • Optional 48" tree guard provides protection to the machine and the operator

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