Hydra Nip Tree Shear

8" Cutting Capacity


  • 8" one cut capacity

  • Single Welded cylinder hidden behind the cutting head

  • True flush cutting

  • Slimmer design reduces width and weight

  • Extremely fast cycle time

  • The Hydra Nip Tree shear comes with the manual rotate skid steer mount

  • Hoses and couplers included

  • Shear head can be purchased alone (shown above)

  • Modular cutting system design allows head to be bolted to any type of mount or loader

  • Shown above with the hydraulic rotate option and optional spray system

  • Plug and Play adapters available for nearly every loader (click here for more info)

  • Manual rotational mount (shown above)

  • Trims heavy branches up to 15' high

  • Manual rotate mount rotates 90 degrees either direction

  • Optional hydraulic rotate (rotates left 90 degrees)

  • Recommended 1500lb operating capacity loader

  • Minimum hydraulic system 2500 PSI, Recommended 3000 PSI

Hydra Nip Spray System Tank


Hydra Nip Shear Head Mounted on a Mini Excavator



Specifications- Hydra Nip 8"


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