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Hydra Split

Trims, Cuts and Splits

24" and 36" Stroke Length

WS-20 Top
  • Splits firewood, trims trees and cut wood to length

  • 24" and 36" stroke models available

  • Optional bolt-on 4-way splitting head (shown above)

  • 20 Ton hydraulic cylinder

  • Blade is reversible and replaceable

  • Hoses and couplers included

  • Offset to left for better visability

  • Cross cut hardwood up to 8" diameter and softer wood up to 10"

  • Pushes wood past the cutting edge leaving a clean cut

  • Sharp knife technology allows for cross cutting unlike other wood splitters

  • Minimum 2500 PSI, Recommended 3000 PSI

  • Optional bolt-on 4-way splitting head 

  • Bolt-on and off design

  • Only for use when splitting wood

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Specifications- Hydra Split



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