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Hydra Rake Brush Rake

Extreme Series Brush Rake

Available in 6" and 12" Teeth Centers


HR Top
  • Available in 6',7' and 8' wide

  • Extreme 6 has 6" teeth spacing

  • Extreme 12 has 12" teeth spacing

  • Extreme 6 and Extreme 12 are identical except
    for teeth spacing

  • Over 48" tip to tip opening

  • Free flowing open design with no teeth serations to hang on to material while dumping

  • Cylinder and hoses hidden on back to prevent damage

  • Made from 70,000 PSI alloy plate

  • Full width solid top, grapples loads more secure

  • Massive 6" heavy wall main frame

  • 1-1/2" spiral cut main hinge pins with grease zerks

  • Fully welded cylinders with grease zerk

  • Carrying capacity is only limited to what the loader can handle.

  • Moves hay, pipe, boards, scrap steel, brush, tires, and much more.

  • Every tooth reinforced to the tip

  • Teeth lay flat on the ground, not raised up like most grapples

  • Clean design allows unwanted dirt to fall through while holding the material to be moved

HR Video
HR Specs

Specifications- Hydra Rake Extreme 12


Specifications- Hydra Rake Extreme 6


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