Hydra Saw

42" Blade 

  • Hydraulic Rotation for stump grinding or trimming trees

  • Enclosed body protects valves, cylinders and spray system

  • Easy fill stainless steel tank with drain port

  • Internal spray tank vent prevents splashing of chemical outside of system

  • Secure grip step ensures easy entry to machine

  • Heavy duty polypropelene hose protection

  • Maximum cut of 30" without repositioning, much larger with multiple cuts

  • Hi-flow recommended

  • 42" Blade Diameter

  • High Kerf blade/tooth design provides minimum blade drag in large cuts

  • Cutting teeth are fastened from back with 5/8" Grade 8 bolts

  • No cleaning of socket heads in order to rotate teeth

  • Two grades of carbide for rocky or sandy conditions


Specifications- Hydra Saw


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